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Migrating from Discohook

Embed Generator is the better alternative to Discohook with native support for buttons and select menus. You don't need an additional bot to get started. No more configuration inside Discord using confusing commands, it's all on the website with an easy to use interface.
If you are coming from Discohook and would like to start using Embed Generator instead you are right here. With a few simple steps you can migrate your message backups and get started with Embed Generator.

Getting started

To get started with Embed Generator go You will see a message editor that should look fairly similar to what you are used to from Discohook. There are a few differences, but all the features you are used to are there and work the same way - or better - as with Discohook.

One important difference is that you will want to login with your Discord account when you are using Embed Generator. This makes it possible to save your messages in the cloud so you can access them on any device. With Discohook your message backups are stored locally and are no synchronized between devices, this makes it easy to lose your messages accidentally.

Migrating your messages

Migrating your message backups from Discohook to Embed Generator is very easy and only requires a few clicks. Just open up the message backups list on Discohook and click on "Export All":

Discohook message backups

The open up the saved messages on Embed Generator. You first have to login with your Discord account so your saved messages can be stored securely in the cloud. You can choose between saving messages associated with your Discord account or with a Discord server you are in. Messages associated with a Discord server can be accessed by all members of that server that have the necessary permissions.

To import your messages from Discohook click on "Import" and select the file that you got from Discohook.

Saved messaages

That's it, your messages should be there!